Built in 1787, The Village is a grade 1 listed building which began life as a slaughter house/abattoir, – it was then converted into a Malt House by Mr William Brodhurst in the 1800's. It ceased to function as a Malt House in the mid 1970's. The building stood empty and abandoned for over a decade. It was then re-opened as The Village Night Club in the 1980's and recently re opened its doors again in 2013 as laser tag venue. This very haunted building has produced a long list of spirit activity. Mr Merryweather, who was the original owner of the building has been seen. A female spirit called Catherine and a child, both of which are believed to have been murdered in the lower levels of the building. The sound of a child crying has been heard. A piano that plays on its own, the owners say the piano was there when they purchased the building. Also a large group of male spirits, who have made their presence felt during ghost hunts at The Village. As always on Seeking Spirit Events: Use of Ghost hunting equipment, take part in Victorian Séances, Ouija Board/Spirit Board’s, Table Tipping etc. Free refreshments provided.

Hallowe'en 2015

Saturday 31st October

       National Emergency Services Museum, Sheffield      8pm - 2am

Hallowe'en wouldnt be Hallowe'en without Seeking Spirit Events at the museum!

Why not join us at this most haunted of buildings?

Tickets £35 per person

Fancy dress optional (wear sensible shoes)

Free refreshments and buffet

Saturday 17th October  The Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds

  8pm - 2am

Seeking Spirit Events investigated this museum/hospital 6 years ago and we are  very pleased to be returning! This is a highly recommended  place to visit, it didnt fail to deliver! Scratches and pushes... be very afraid!

Also home to the skeleton of yorkshire witch, Mary Bateman... strange occurances have been known to happen near her ... Dare You?

Tickets £35 per person

We are a South Yorkshire based paranormal investigation team who began in 2004 through friends having the same interest, thus creating the paranormal investigative group Seeking Spirit Events. During this time we have carried out many ghostly investigations the length and breadth of the country. Our mission is to find spirit encounters at each of our vigils and to prove there really is spiritual activity within this earthly world. 


Friday 23rd October        30 East Drive, Pontefract

(original haunted semi, from the film

'When the lights went out')

9pm - 3am

Our second visit to this notorious haunted semi on the Chequerfields estate in Pontefract. Haunted by a black monk, Fred and also a collection of other

spirits and poltergeists.

This is a limited guest event on a first come first served basis

We cannot accept deposits and all tickets must be purchased in full

Tickets £40 per person

Sorry sold out

All our investigations include free refreshments. Seeking Spirit Events are a limited company, who are fully insured.

Sorry this event is now sold out


Saturday 14th November 2015

The Village, Mansfield

8pm - 2am

£25 each